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Always use shoehorn. This operation will protect the butt heel insert, which is basic to maintaining a correct fit.

Loosen the cords as much as possible when you are wearing shoes or when you are taking off shoes to avoid deformation or breakage in the cut (the body) of the shoe.

Do not wear your shoes for two days in a row. The sweat produced by the foot takes more than 24 hours to evaporate from the shoe; an excess of accumulated moisture will contribute to the formation of cracks in the skin upon drying.

Do not dry your shoes near a source of heat after a day of rain. Drying should occur naturally, and may help the introduction of newsprint inside. The clay remains will be removed with a damp sponge. When the shoe is in leather and it’s dry, it will be applied a thin layer of cream with a cloth, and it will be extended with a brush of horse bristles, when the shoe is in textile or satin and it is dry if it has had any stain, try remove with stains or acetone.

Use stud bolts or drawers when you are taking off your shoes, help remove wrinkles from the shovel and maintain the volume with which the last "sculpted" the shoe.

Use a quality cream or bitumen for cleaning. Both products are equally effective for this task, getting the bitumen, if it fits a little more gloss during brushing. The golden rule would be to apply a small amount of product with a used cloth, the immediate brushing and the final finish with a suede. For a high gloss or glasage finish, the cloth will be lightly moistened with a few drops of water.

For oiled leather shoes, this will be revitalized with the application of a thin layer of cream, then use horse fat in small quantity, with a sponge to that effect.

For textile or satin shoes, it can be made with foam removes stains leaving it to dry enough and then brushing for cleaning, can also be cleaned with a cloth moistened with acetone.

For buffers there are brushes of copper bristles and others of mixed bristles, copper and nylon somewhat less aggressive, that will help to maintain the sizing of the skin.

Following these tips, you will contribute to lengthen the life of their Pepe Milan.